[MDI #5] – How To Become a Marketing Machine

I believe today’s lesson (if applied) is more than just a “Million Dollar Idea”.

This is truly a multi-multi million dollar idea…


Here’s your MDI #5: ‘How To Become a Marketing MACHINE’


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Google Keyword Planner Explained

So I have been getting a lot of questions about
Google Keyword Tool that was changed to Google Keyword Planner…

Here’s a short 4 minute video I shot showing you
how it works and how you can use it – FREE.

Please post your questions, comments below.

Hope this helps.

[MDI #4] – How To Become Extraordinary…

Today’s message is pretty deep.

Forget about being ordinary.

Let’s talk about how to become EXTRAORDINARY.

It’s a lot easier than most people think… but
you’ve got to understand the strategy and most
importantly APPLY IT.

This strategy completely transformed my life and
I hope it helps you do the same (if you do it).

What’s the strategy?

Watch as I explain: :-)

Let me hear your thoughts or questions below.

I will be reading them all!

Talk soon,

[MDI #3] – The Power of WAM

Hey my friends,

here’s another (in my opinion) million dollar idea…

I call it “The Power Of WAM”

This made a HUGE difference in my business and I do this
on a regular basis now. Very cool.

Hope it helps ya.

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments below ;)



[MDI - #2] – The Three Letter Word…

Hey what’s up guys!

I just got back from a little family trip and
back online :-)

Million Dollar Idea episode #2 is all about this
three letter word…

So many entrepreneurs and business owners don’t
even understand this. You will! :-)

Here it is:

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Until next time –

stay awesome!