I started Big Idea Mastermind from a vision of doing something that has never been
done before. Instead of focusing on making a “buck”, I thought, why not focus on doing
the polar opposite of what everybody else is doing and focus on making a DIFFERENCE?!

A very unique idea was born and I put that idea to the test…

Results absolutely floored me to say the least.

In the first 28 days of this “test” it brought in just over $710,000 for me personally.

Then I wanted to see if it will work for people who never had any previous online success…

So I took on a “test group”…

Again, results were shockingly awesome. Almost unbelievable.

People started succeeding in a massive way.

One person who was struggling for over 7 years to earn income on the internet, went
on to generate over $400,000 in his very first 11 months with BIM.

So now we made Big Idea Mastermind available to anyone who wants to plug in to
a PROVEN system that WORKS.

In just the first 12 months over 25,000 people have joined Big Idea Mastermind and
thousands are changing their lives DAILY.



Not very many so-called “traffic gurus” can or know how to generate high levels of good quality, consistent traffic …not to the tune of 400,000+ unique targeted visitors per day on a consistent basis, and most importantly teach others how to do it.

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