[MDI #10] – The Costco Method

Hey my friends –

here’s another million-dollar idea for your

It works extremely well for Costco, it works
extremely well for me and I’m sure it will also
work for you too if you implement it.

Here it is:


Enjoy 🙂


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[MDI #9] – The 2 Big Laws for Success

Hey my friends! (and everybody else who might see this)

You know, there are several laws that if followed, can
bring you a LOT of success (or keep you far, far away
from it.)

These laws effect you either way, regardless if you’re
aware of them or not.

Just like gravity – it effects you regardless if you’re
aware of it or not.

2 of these laws are CRITICALLY important for you to understand
and apply CORRECTLY if you want to succeed.

I explain these laws in this video for you:


Enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts, comments
or questions below.

As always – stay awesome. I appreciate you!


[MDI #8] – How To Make Yourself Stand Out

This is one of the big secrets of the super successful…

They are NOT like everybody else.

They stand out.

They are being looked at differently by the rest of the world.


I explain it in this video:


Hope this brings you a few golden nuggets 🙂


Oh, and let me know your thoughts, questions or comments below!


[MDI #7] – The “Reverse Psychology” Method

Call it a “trick” or however else, but if done correctly,
this works like magic and can help sell a LOT more stuff.

…and oh yeah – while having a blast doing it!


Let this be our Million Dollar Idea #7 🙂


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[MDI #6] – First Law of Invisible Influence

There are certain laws that govern conversions (and sales for that matter!)

The very few who understand these laws and work WITH these laws, have
“magic-like” abilities to do what most “average” marketers would call
‘the impossible’.

Things like:

Get up to 80% email open rates…

See up to $40+ EPC on their campaigns…

Have an astronomical sales conversion rates…

…and pretty much write their own ticket.

Pretty cool, huh?

The question is WHAT ARE THESE LAWS?

I call it “The Invisible Influence”

There are several laws of Invisible Influence.

Here’s the first one:


Understanding and working with this law (in my opinion) is
not optional.

It’s mandatory.

(if you want to be able to influence lots of people).

Anyway, hope you enjoy this MDI #6 🙂

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I’ll be reading 🙂

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