Vick Strizheus’ Social Media Platform Evaluation


You should perform a Social Media platform evaluation of your pages and profiles every few months to assess performance in addition to constant monitoring and adjustments throughout. Don’t take Social Media lightly because you can be sure that your competitors won’t be. Social Media success is something that has been adopted as a goal by everyone from the entrepreneur to world leaders. Vick Strizheus is going to pay attention to that.

Setting Up for Social Media Success

If your business isn’t already participating, then you have sort of a Social Media evaluation to go through. You need to decide what the best Social Media platforms are for your business. For this purpose, you need to understand how each platform works. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Facebook – This one is a given as the second overall traffic source on the web. Facebook is an all-purpose social site
  • LinkedIn – This one is great for business-to-business social marketing
  • Google+ – A must for small local businesses for ranking purposes. An all-purpose social site like Facebook
  • Pinterest – If your business is highly visual, Pinterest is a great place to be
  • Instragram – If your business can serve up photographs on a daily basis, Instagram is the place to be
  • Twitter – Best for real-time conversations about current events on all fronts

This isn’t a comprehensive list of all social platforms, just the more popular options. A creative Social Media Marketer can find ways to make all of these useful in nearly any industry; however, you should be on these four at the bare minimum:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Google+

The key is understanding your brand and your target audience. You can achieve Social Media success by finding ways to connect offline and online marketing through contests and organizing events. Remember to keep things human by injecting an amiable approach.

Social Media Evaluation and ROI

Social Media has pretty much graduated from experiment to a necessary part of being in business. Even so, businesses aren’t interested in putting resources into platforms that offer no return on investment. While ROI is a financial term, you’ll find that the returns on Social Media success aren’t always measurable in dollars and cents. Sometimes those returns are reflected through insights on behavior as reported by the corresponding social platform.

Measuring ROI is important because it is your number one Social Media evaluation tool. It is how you show in concrete numbers that your Social Media efforts are paying off. If you are not seeing a return on investment, then these numbers will tell you where you need to work harder. Then you will be able to set appropriate goals and make the needed adjustments to your campaigns.

Strategies That Big Companies Use to Achieve Social Media Success

To create a successful anything online, I encourage you to model others who have found success in what you are trying to achieve. Social Media is certainly no exception. Here’s a quick overview of three big companies who are killing it on Social Media and what they’re doing:

  • Coca-Cola – Combining mediums like TV and Social Media to increase their impact. Most of the time, people are consuming multiple types of media at once so cover more than one base
  • Denny’s – Developed a snarky voice that resonates with customers. Be unique and don’t be afraid to step outside of convention to achieve Social Media success
  • UFC – Properly trained all the fighters to use Twitter and awarded those with the most followers cash prizes. Provide training that is mutually beneficial to your employees and your business. Don’t be afraid to develop reward systems that drive engagement

Wrap Up

I encourage you to keep your Social Media strategies simple. It’s already a tedious and time-consuming medium, so don’t muddy your Social Media success with too many complications. This will make the Social Media platform evaluation process much easier to complete. You’ll be able to set new goals and adjust easily and accordingly. Good luck!