Email Marketing Round-Up: May 2016 Edition

You all know I love email marketing. I’ve cut my online teeth using it to build my business and break records. It’s only natural that I would include this topic in my monthly round-ups. So, let’s round it up!

GoDaddy Upgrades Their Email Marketing Tools

GoDaddy actually released 40 updates this week to their product suite; several of them being directly related to email marketing. Along with the updates came the promise of many more at regular intervals. A few of the highlights for email marketing included: email encryption and workflow automation. In addition, there are email marketing free trials to try including one feature that lets you drag a product directly from your website and drop it in your email marketing campaigns. They also added a “second send” feature that sends out email an additional time with an alternate subject line to users who haven’t opened the previous email. Not bad, indeed.

Luxury Brands Leaving Money on the Email Marketing Table

A recent study showed that many luxury brands are failing to effectively target their customers with email marketing. The research ultimately showed a complete lack of integration of products with email campaigns at all. Tsk, tsk, luxury brands. Of the brands evaluated, Cartier and Burberry were in the lead. Let me just advise that no matter what level or status your products are on, you should never ignore email marketing. How else will you own your customers and sell to them again and again?

AWeber To Release App That Curates Content to Email

This sounds like a fantastic tool! I wish I’d thought of it! I hope it becomes standard for all email marketing services kind of like sign-up form builders. So what does it do? The mobile app, called Curate, will automatically format content for newsletters. You will then be able to add additional content to the newsletters with your phone before sending it out to your subscribers. This could be a game-changer! Utltimately, this app lets your curate great content for your customers while you do your daily industry reading. It will be out this month for both iOS and Android!

 Email Marketing Generates Significant ROI Over Last Year

From time to time, I run into naysayers online who say email marketing is dead. I couldn’t disagree more. As long as an email address remains the log in credential of the web, marketing to email recipients will be relevant. In fact, a recent report from Salesforce shows that marketers also agree that email marketing generates significant return on investment (ROI). The report also states that intelligent email is bringing in bigger dollar signs. A stunning 80% of business owners believe email marketing is the core engine that drives their business. That is huge! In addition, statistics showed that positive results were consistent over a wide variety of email marketing campaigns. If content is king, then perhaps email is queen.

Email Marketing: A Top Priority in 2016

 Another new study also revealed that 3 out of 4 businesses will make email marketing a priority this year. 91% of the 3,500 people surveyed said they would spend more time and money on email marketing in 2016. Another interesting statistic: 1 out of 5 marketers disclosed that between 50 and 61% of their emails get opened on mobile devices. That is astounding.

Round-Up Wrap Up

A couple things are readily apparent here:

  1. Email marketing is still very relevant in the online landscape. It’s not a bad idea to join the rest of your fellow marketers and invest in a few campaigns.
  2. If your email marketing isn’t mobile-friendly, you are wasting your time. Make sure your tools have what it takes to serve up your content to your mobile customers. I think they will be your bread and butter soon enough if they aren’t already!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you find these round-ups helpful. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of them!