Truth About Empower Network…

This message is for all Empower Network members, Big Idea Mastermind members,
my clients and customers, my subscribers and followers, and the entire community.

There has been a lot of rumors and twisted information floating around about
what’s REALLY going on, so….

I’d Like To Get The Record Straight In This Public Post.

As many of you know I’ve joined Empower Network Dec, 2012 and founded
Big Idea Mastermind team…

In the first 15 months our team grew to over 32,000 members…

What really motivated me was seeing people’s lives literally transform.

… to see brand new team members start from scratch and go on to earn
life-changing incomes, quit their jobs, and become a totally different
person was the very thing that drove me.

… it kept me going and working, not counting the hours.

I remember when I was building the BIM system, my vision was to create
something great that would really change a lot of lives…

So I was working like an animal, pulling 18-20 hour days, sometimes
working all through the night with no sleep what-so-ever…

spending almost no time with my lovely wife and 4 awesome kidos …

missing lunches and dinners more times then I can remember…

investing virtually all of my personal commissions that I was earning
(in the beginning) back into building the BIM system … (well over
$1 million was invested – all from personal commissions.)

I didn’t charge anybody for the system.

I was on a MISSION…

I had a big DREAM…

I had a BIG VISION that was worth going for.

And it WORKED.

We changed a LOT of lives through Big Idea Mastermind.

As I write this, I feel very humbled and privileged to be
able to play a small role in that.

I went to ALL Empower Network events. (Don’t think I missed
not one of them since getting on board.)

I resonated with Dave Wood’s and Dave Sharpe’s vision for the

Heck, still do!

I met and became very good friends with some of the most amazing
people in the EN community.

Some of the relationships I created in Empower are beyond awesome.

Had HUGE plans for the future and big ideas that I wanted to give life to
within Empower Network through Big Idea Mastermind.

Everything was going great until about 10:00PM EST on April 29th, 2014 …

What happened?

Well, what happened was I held a private webinar which was exclusive to
Big Idea Mastermind members ONLY and I made an announcement that there’s
a possibility that I MAY need to leave the Network Marketing Industry.

Reason for that is because South Dakota (the state where I live) has different
rules when it comes to offering any kind of a business opportunity.

So, here’s a quick backstory to make things more clear:

Back in 2008 (ish) I was promoting a direct sales company that had a business
opportunity attached to it, and the state informed me that if I was to promote
a business opportunity I had to follow the state rules, one of which was
before anybody can sign up, I needed to give them a “business proposition”
outline, have them keep it for 3 days (I believe) and after that time they
could sign up if they wanted to.

Well, due to the fact that the business was online, it was virtually impossible
to run that and keep track of everything.

So I said I’m not going to continue with it. They issued cease and desist.

I stopped promoting that business and ventured into straight affiliate
marketing and created my own products to sell.

I even moved my entire company to a different state.

Everything went quiet …until just recently when I got contacted by the state
again and they said that I violated cease and desist, which was surprising because:

1. I’m not even promoting a biz opp. According to Empower Network they are NOT
classified as biz opp. (they told me that they are exempt from biz opp. category)

2. I don’t even have a business registered in South Dakota.

So lately I was dealing with that a lot. (and it’s a nightmare to tell you the truth.)

Because we’re still in the process and everything is still kind of “up in the air”
I wanted to inform the entire BIM team that there’s a possibility that I
may need to leave the industry (if the state issues that order).

NOTE: I NEVER said I’m leaving Empower Network.

But I find it fascinating how fast people can twist things and spread rumors..

First of all, even though the webinar was intended for BIM members ONLY, some
how non-BIMMERS found their way in and a bunch of members from Empower
(including some staff).

Almost immediately people started gossiping and saying things like:

“OMG! Vick has left Empower!!”

“OMG! Empower is in trouble!”

“OMG! Vick is launching his own MLM!” (this one cracks me up. lol)

When I got online this afternoon, it seemed like a bomb exploded…

Rumors and gossips everywhere!

People are freaking out…

But what REALLY surprised me was the fact that when I tried to login
to my Empower Network back office, my account was DISABLED.

Not only that, but I just also found out from some folks that even my
name was removed from all Empower Network leaderboards!

Guys – let me clarify something and get the record straight:

I NEVER said I was leaving Empower Network.

Heck, I never said I was leaving the industry yet!

I said there’s a possibility I may need to leave the industry.

It’s just that as of right now I just can’t promote Empower.

Nothing is 100% confirmed yet. Just heads up.

That’s one thing.

Another thing:

People are saying “Vick is launching his own MLM deal.”

That’s NOT TRUE.

Even though I’m an entrepreneur and creator, I would never
do something that would compete with or “take away” from Empower.

Quite the opposite – I wanted to bring more tools and products to Empower
that a lot of members could benefit from.

I wanted to create more stand alone, ACTUAL products that people would
buy it for WHAT IT IS, and not “buy it just to sell it and make money.”

I love Empower Network and think it’s a great company.

I respect Dave Wood and JCron (the CEO) greatly.

I have a lot of respect and appreciation for the Leadership Council.

I LOVE going to the EN events and hanging out with members, a lot of times
talking on hallways til 3am! (awesome times!!)

My intention was to stay and continue to contribute to the EN community
through trainings and bringing a lot of value…

Even if I couldn’t “promote” it, I could still provide value to the
membership base. (I believe)

I personally don’t see anything wrong with that.

Heck, we launched ITF and that was a great success!

Why in the world would I want to just all of a sudden leave Empower?!

Not promoting it doesn’t mean totally leaving the company.

But, unfortunately today I found myself being BANNED from Empower.

Oh well…

In my 30 years of living on the planet earth I learned one
thing well – Everything Happens For The Better.

Even though sometimes we don’t understand it.

I can see why Empower would do this (banning me from the community)
and even more – privately contacting my top BIM leaders and asking
them to “lock arms” with Empower…

Seems to me that they see me as a potential threat to the company,
probably in terms of what if I create my own MLM and recruit people from Empower.”

Guys – here’s something for you…

Don’t worry. I will not do that.

In fact, if worse comes to worse and I’m not able to promote Empower
all together, I will create actual stand alone products and tools that
people will buy for what it is and not for the “opportunity”.

I WILL NOT create an MLM or another Network Marketing company or
anything that would “compete” with Empower.

The last thing I want is to do something bad for a company that
gave me an opportunity to earn millions of dollars.

I’m here to say it publicly that I believe Empower Network is a
great company.

In fact, they are the BEST from all of those I was a part of.

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking about joining Empower –
I would tell you go for it. (not going to give you my affiliate
link though. You would have to get one from somebody else! 🙂

They have a great community and strong leadership.

They are working on making things better all the time.

I believe Empower has a great future.

If you’re in Empower Network right now – stay there.

Work your butt off and go for your dream!

Don’t let anybody stop you.

You can be great.

You can make your dreams a REALITY!


Hopefully this post (although pretty long), will clear some fog.

Of course, its unfortunate that Empower just banned from the community,
completely removed my name from all leaderboards…

Kind of sad…

Considering what I was able to bring to the table over the
last 15 short months…

Over 32,000 members…

Trainings, speaking, leadership, workshops…

The ITF launch! Which by the way, the ONLY reason I launched
that product through Empower was because I wanted the entire affiliate
base to benefit from the launch and earn a lot of commissions.

Heck, we paid out 70% commissions to the field!

Over $2.1 MILLION was paid out to affiliates alone in just 5 days.

The company got a split.

Had I launched the ITF by myself, I would have made 5X more money.

But it wasn’t about the money.

It was about doing something good for the community and the leadership.

Just kinda sucks when after all that you find yourself being BANNED.


(I hope they at least pay me my pending commissions! lol )

So, there you have it, guys…

Leave me a comment below.

Lemme know if you have any questions and I will answer them.

Now go work on YOUR BIG DREAM!

Stay awesome,


P.S. For those of you who got ITF, I will continue with
the weekly coaching calls, so nothing changes there.

Also if you’re in Super Agency – we got you covered 😉