Content Marketing Round-Up: April 2016 Edition

Content marketing is all the rage right now and with Spring in full swing, there’s a lot happening. Let’s round up the news for April 2016 in the content marketing world!

April 2016 Opportunities

Whether it’s a holiday or just the overall theme, there always something new each month that you can steal a little buzz from to boost your content marketing efforts. For example, like I said in the opening statement, it’s Spring! That in and over itself is huge. It encompasses its own set of colors, themes, and topics.

April Fool’s will have passed by the time you read this, but have you seen the sheer number of prank videos on YouTube lately? April is also Mathematics Awareness Month, and we know all about the math of a successful campaign, right? In addition, check your local, national, and global calendars for popular festivals this month and there are also Olympic Trials events taking place. You can use any and all of these topics to boost your content in the marketplace. All it takes is a little creativity.

What You Need to Know Right Now

Whether you are new to content marketing or have been creating and curating for a while, it’s important to stay on top of the latest developments in the industry. I’m going to cover a few things you need to know:

  • There are a ton of tools out there for content marketing. There are many paid tools and most of them are probably pretty good; however, the top recommendations here are Buffer with the Chrome extension so you can share and schedule content with one click from all over the web
  • Stay on the up and up! It’s your first line of offense to ensure you’re on the cutting edge so you can optimize your content and funnels
  • Create a great sales funnel. Now, this is right up our alley!
  • Build your list! Again, right up our alley. One of the first assets you build for any business is that list and it’s so easy to set up these days. When I first started, everything was in HTML, and if you didn’t know where to put it, you were lost! This is your first step right after you create a landing page or website

How Social Media Drive Content Marketing

Social media and content marketing work well together. 93% of business to business marketers agreed that social media is one of their top 5 strategies for marketing. Think of social media like a car that takes your content where you want it to be shared. How can you drive it forward?

  1. Know where you want to go. Think about what you want customers and followers to know about your business. Where is my audience? Where do they hang out online? Once you understand your target audience, you can direct your social media campaigns in the right direction.
  2. Track your results. Use a good analytics program.
  3. Consider surveys and polls to help you adjust your campaigns to fit your audience better.

Are You Using Content Marketing for Personal Branding?

You should be. Pretty much the biggest aspect of the marketing game today is branding. Even if you’re not marketing anything, having a personal brand is the new resume`. The only way to build a brand is through content. It’s how we communicate.

Think about how powerful it is for your content to be seen by a company you’d like to work with or for. Not only are they seeing your content and your brand, but they are seeing your ability to build that brand. If you can build a brand for yourself, then you can build a brand for anyone. That is huge!

Take Action

Check out these action steps for your content marketing campaigns:

  1. Take monthly opportunities into account
  2. Monitor the industry
  3. Use social media to drive your content where you want it to go
  4. Create content that builds your personal bran

Even if you’re new to content marketing, this is like a blueprint for getting started. Get in there and start creating and curating. Most of all, have fun!