Free Facebook Content Tools to Help Simplify Your Curated Content

If you use Facebook for everything including content curation, then this post has the free Facebook content tools you need in your life. In recent years, content curation has become a huge part of having an online presence. As if creating your own content weren’t enough, now you have to to disseminate for the masses all the best content you see online to make sure no one misses anything! Content curation has become its own animal, and luckily for us, there are free Facebook tools to help us out.

Content Curation Apps and Free Facebook Content Tools

I’m really excited about this because I’m about to share some really powerful free tools for content organization with you. First, I’m going to list some applications that you can use on both your computer and smartphone to save interesting content. Then I’m going to tie everything together with a great free tool that will send that content to Facebook automatically! So, we are accomplishing two things at once:

  1. Saving the content we love and sharing it with Facebook content tools
  2. Automating the process

Free Content Curation Apps

Pocket – Pocket is a free content organization tool. Once you install it on your smartphone, it will appear under the sharing options when you browse and use your other apps. It also works great as an in-browser application with their Chrome extension or bookmarklet. When you begin saving content to Pocket, you can organize it using tags. Pocket saves the content based on type using these 3 options articles, videos, and images.

Feedly – Feedly gained popularity when Google Reader was discontinued. It works much like Pocket as a content organization tool. However, rather than you add the content you want to save manually, Feedly works a little different. You add the RSS feed of the sites you visit regularly, and it then “feeds” you the content daily starting with the most popular first. You then have the option of saving and sharing the content you enjoy most.

Evernote – You may use Evernote for other things, but it can accomplish content curation quite nicely! It’s already known for it’s content organization skills. Simply create a notebook designed specifically to be a free Facebook content tool, and you’re ready to go. If you’re not familiar with Evernote, it will be added to the sharing menu on your Smartphone. You can use a Chrome extension or their website when using your computer.

All of these applications are free, but have premium account options as well in case you really love them. I’ve also chosen these specific¬†content organization tools because:

  1. They are simple to use
  2. They all integrate with the powerhouse of this post

If This Then That

I’m not being smart, this is the content curation powerhouse (and more) that brings everything together. I’m talking about It stands for “If This Then That”. ¬†Now, this can seem complicated to some people, but it’s a simple concept. Once you create your account, this is the tool that combines the 3 apps I listed above with your Facebook Page automatically.

It takes a little bit of set up, but it’s a one-time thing and then you’re up and running until you tell it to stop. For example, you can set IFTTT up to post to your Facebook Page each time you add a note to a certain notebook in Evernote. You accomplish this though an “if this then that” statement called a recipe. For example, If new note in ______ notebook, then create a link post message on my Facebook Page.

This application does so much more than join the ranks of free Facebook content tools. You can use it to automate your home, your phone, and much, much more. Grab a good guide and really learn the power of it.

Wrap Up

Let me know in the comments about your content curation efforts and what kinds of recipes you are using with IFTTT!