What’s New with High Traffic Academy? | April 2016 Edition

There are so many new things happening at High Traffic Academy that I can barely keep up with them all, but I’m still so excited to share with you all that’s going on. When I started High Traffic Academy, it was my sincere hope that it would grow to what it has become. We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to build this great online marketing company that concentrates on showing others how to do the same.

High Traffic Academy Expands!

First and foremost this month, we opened a new headquarters located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Not only is this our new home base, but it’s also a facility that offers space and equipment for use by our current and future members. In addition, we also welcome guests to come and see what’s happening at High Traffic Academy.

With this new facility, we not only have an awesome space for our staff to work, but a place for the HTA community to hang out and build their businesses. It’s a huge convenience to members residing in the Orange County area. They can stop in and we can show them in person how to make their business work. It’s our hope that this kind of interaction will bring a new perspective to online marketing for our members and possibly new things to the industry as a whole.

That’s not all! We’ve also added new offices in Oregon and Baja and have been busy staffing them with new and fresh talent. These new additions to the High Traffic Academy family are focusing on the following areas:

  • Web development
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service

With more than 60,000 members in High Traffic Academy, we just needed more help. That’s all there is to it. We are honored to add new talent from all over the country to our growing team. I really think they are the key to helping us stay relevant in the marketplace with the constant changes in the online marketing terrain.

DotCom Reporter Launch

This month, we released DotCom Reporter as an extension of the High Traffic Academy Elite membership. What DotCom Reporter does is help you understand the pro’s and con’s for all of the different ad networks available to you as an online marketer. DotCom Reporter exists inside the closed Elite community and gives you exclusive insider information so you can make educated choices for your campaigns.

The goal is to ultimately save you the time of testing numerous networks on your own. You get the benefit of the community sharing what worked and what didn’t for them on a personal level. You can avoid networks that fail to deliver and shoot for the ones that are in it to help you succeed. There are already hundreds participating. If you’re interested, get over to High Traffic Academy and become an Elite member today.

Introducing Data Secrets

Data Secrets was another huge product we launched this month. My partner, Jason McClain shows you how to master data and monetize it. Did you know that you can monetize text messages, emails, and more without spamming? This is a huge gap in Internet marketing that no one else is teaching!

Jason put together a course containing 6 modules that will show you how to monetize data that you already have. While this can be a complicated topic to learn and implement, Jason will take you step-by-step from data mining to dissecting and analyzing it for monetization. Data is a very lucrative, but often overlooked, aspect of online marketing that can completely overhaul your bank account for the better. Make sure you check out Data Secrets.

Wrap Up

Wow, it’s really been a busy month here at HTA, and it’s not even over yet. However, it’s left me feeling really motivated for the future and I hope you feel it as well. We are completely dedicated to offering you the very best that we can. Big things will continue to happen at High Traffic Academy, and I hope that you will be a part of it!

Checkin it out
Checkin it out

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