How Google My Business Synced with Moz Local Impacts Search

Things get exciting when a couple of giants like Moz and Google My Business get together. Moz Local recently made it possible to automatically import your locations from Google My Business while playing around with the API. This process required a manual download and upload of a CSV file previously, so changing it to a single click is a welcome update. This is especially huge for companies who have hundreds of locations or franchises on multiple Google My Business accounts.

Moz Local My Business Console

While Moz Local was at it, they decided to build My Business Console, a free tool that syncs with Google My Business and automates account management a step further. There are two ways inside Google My Business to add Managers on accounts with multiple locations:

  1. Add a Manager on the Business account
  2. Add a Manger to each Location account one at a time

The first option gives the Manager quite a bit of power over the locations. The second option is tedious beyond what is feasible, so what you have here is essentially the best to way to manage multiple locations in Google My Business.

There Will Be More to Come

The Google My Business API is a relatively new addition for developers. There will, no doubt, be more tools emerging based on this new access. This API currently controls access to Search, Maps, and Ads, so I look forward to seeing what else emerges that might be useful for optimization in 2016. Yext has already developed a totally different paid option with the API. An extensive FAQ and Guides section indicates that development is in full swing using the new API.

How Does It Impact Search?

Well, it hasn’t yet, but since the Google My Business API grants access to Search and Ads, it warrants our attention. A service using this API that allows bulk operations involving Search and Ads could impact search dramatically, and would be a welcome addition to Search Engine Optimization updates. As for the Moz Local My Business Console specifically, it is not a Search tool, but rather for management purposes.

More on the Console: Do You Need It?

There are a few key points regarding the My Business Console from Moz Local. First and foremost, it is free and will remain free. As a result, you do not need a Moz account to access it. You can simply log in with your Google account details. Pretty much the only function of this console currently is the bulk control of Managers on your Google Pages, so it’s only really useful to you if you have multiple Managers and/or locations. That is not to say that Moz might not add more Google My Business functionality at a later time, it wouldn’t hurt to check it out at the very least.

Keep in mind the My Business Console is brand new as is the Google My Business API, so there are bound to be issues. If you’re doing fine with Google My Business at the moment, I would suggest waiting a bit to give Moz time to work out the kinks. Really you don’t need the tool unless you manage multiple Google My Business pages and locations as an SEO, agency, or Social Media Manager.

Wrap Up

Like I said, I look forward to seeing what other tools emerge using the Google My Business API. Also, a warning, don’t get too attached to any tools that use Google’s API’s because we know they are fond of killing off tools that they deem obsolete. Do you have any ideas for tools that would be useful utilizing the Google My Business API? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!