(Leaked Interview) Daegan Smith & Vick Strizheus On Traffic and Marketing

Hey everybody!

I was just interviewed by a “big boy” marketer Daegan Smith on the topic of
traffic and marketing…

This guy wanted to know everything! LOL

Anyway, so, it was a great interview and we covered a bunch of awesome questions
such as:

=> How did I go from being $30K in debt to having my first $20K Month in 90 days…

=> What are the 2 things every marketer needs to focus on in order to succeed online…

=> The 2 biggest mistakes most marketers make…

=> My strategy for getting 300,000+ visitors per day…

=> And much, much more!

So I decided to hook you up this week by putting this interview up for you here:

It’s over 1 hour long but it’s got some “golden nuggets” I think you can take for yourself.

I hope you enjoy it! (wink)


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