[MDI #6] – First Law of Invisible Influence

There are certain laws that govern conversions (and sales for that matter!)

The very few who understand these laws and work WITH these laws, have
“magic-like” abilities to do what most “average” marketers would call
‘the impossible’.

Things like:

Get up to 80% email open rates…

See up to $40+ EPC on their campaigns…

Have an astronomical sales conversion rates…

…and pretty much write their own ticket.

Pretty cool, huh?

The question is WHAT ARE THESE LAWS?

I call it “The Invisible Influence”

There are several laws of Invisible Influence.

Here’s the first one:


Understanding and working with this law (in my opinion) is
not optional.

It’s mandatory.

(if you want to be able to influence lots of people).

Anyway, hope you enjoy this MDI #6 🙂

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