Twitter Campaign Management Gets New Addition With Ad Groups

Twitter launched their ads editor last year to help advertisers with their Twitter campaign management. The editor allowed users to create and manage multiple Twitter ads at once. They have now expanded the editor by adding ad groups where users can split up their audience and message them separately. This is something we’ve been doing with our email lists as well, so it’s a great concept.

How Do Twitter Ad Groups Work

Basically, Twitter ad groups add another level in the hierarchy of the ad editor. Advertisers are then able to measure the success of their Twitter campaigns using more criteria. This allows them to assess which Twitter ads work the best and which ones need tweaking. Ultimately, the new Twitter ad groups help cut down on the time spent on Twitter campaign management.

Simplify Your Twitter Campaigns with Twitter Ad Groups

The main focus of the ad editor is ultimately to simplify things for advertisers. This new tool carries this another step by giving advertisers the ability to categorize their ads and audiences to further diversify their Twitter campaigns. So when an advertiser has multiple Twitter campaigns running, they can view and edit them sorted by ad groups.

Both the Twitter ad editor and the new ad groups allow for an insane number of variables, so you can test and tweak as little or as much as you like. Inside the Twitter ad editor dashboard, the new ad groups are specified by a blue badge. When you click it, you can then view the performance of your Twitter ads by ad group.

The feature is obviously designed for brands who run a lot of Twitter campaigns, but ease of use means smaller users could give it a try to help with their Twitter campaign management as well. This is an interesting offering coming from Twitter when you consider all of the negative Twitter news over the last couple of years. The company really has a tough time with funding and getting the public to see the utilitarian value in the platform. I hope to see Twitter stick around for a long time to come.

It seems their downfall has always been because of where they fall in the scheme of things as a social network. They often suffer in comparison to giant, Facebook, and that’s not really fair given their smaller stature on all fronts. They have proven that they are here to stay and innovate and offerings like the ad editor and now Twitter ad groups confirm that notion.

A Better Enhancement To A Still-New Twitter Ad Management Tool

The Twitter ad editor hasn’t even been out a year. It launched just last August 2015. For an update to come out so soon is phenomenal to those using the platform. Ad groups really is a great enhancement because while it targets larger brands, it’s also viable for the little guys. The biggest take-away though is definitely the ease of use and the ability to really zero in on the performance of your Twitter campaigns.

Diversify Your Pay-Per-Click Portfolio

You know if you want to get anything done online quickly, PPC is the way to boost your efforts. The new Twitter ad groups can help you diversity your PPC experience. I like social media PPC because it’s easy to make it effective and it’s cheap.

Just imagine being able to laser focus your Twitter campaigns toward ad groups sorted by:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Device
  • Language
  • Interests
  • Keywords

That is just to name a few! Then you are also able to measure the results with improved Twitter ads tools as well. You just can’t beat it.

Wrap Up

I’d love to hear how your Twitter campaigns are doing. Do you think that Twitter can benefit businesses, brands, and consumers alike? I feel there is so much value in sending those little 140-character text messages to the world. After all, the Library of Congress feels they are important as well.


Video Marketing Round-Up: May 2016 Edition

Video marketing gets bigger all the time. Every time I turn around, there is something new happening in this space. It’s so innovative that if you blink, you will miss something. There’s no way I can catch or cover all the video marketing news coming out of the pipeline, but I can try. Let’s round up that video marketing news!

Did Someone Say 360-degree Videos?

This is the biggest piece of news this month in video marketing and it’s not just isolated to one update. There are a few stories out about 360-degree videos, some them are videos for business. Things are starting to heat up! It brings so many questions to the table. How does one even shoot 360-degree video? Let’s explore a bit. First, a well-known insurance company put out a 360-degree video ad that has garnered millions of views. They filmed the video with one camera and it tells 4 different stories at once.  It is currently only visible on Facebook. As you know, Facebook has been making a play for some of YouTube’s piece of the video market. In mid-April, YouTube released 360-degree video streaming. The ability has been available for the last year for brands, musicians, and athletes. This will be huge for video marketing and is one more step toward exactly where we know video marketing is going: virtual reality. They also launched spatial sound on their on-demand videos and the first execution of both was the live streaming of Coachella. Finally, one last piece of video marketing news concerning 360-degree video: Wistia, video for business platform has added support for 360-degree video. I’m telling you, if you want to jump to the cutting edge of video marketing, become an expert in 360-degree video and virtual reality because it is the next big thing for video marketing platforms.

Clever Video Marketing Is Tasty

The odds are favorable that you have seen one of those Tasty recipe videos in your Facebook News Feed. The concept was developed by the content giant, Buzzfeed. Watch and learn. You won’t catch Tasty or any of it’s spin-offs like Proper Tasty or Nifty on YouTube. Their widely successful video marketing campaigns are designed for and executed on Facebook only. Things to pay attention to with the Tasty approach to video marketing:

  • The numbers. They are getting millions and millions of views and racking up Facebook Likes on their Page left and right
  • The execution. The videos are bright, have lively music, and are usually under a minute in length
  • The spin-off. Tasty has generated enough buzz to launch several new channels including a parody on YouTube called Nasty which is not affiliated with Buzzfeed
  • The platform. It’s no oversight that Tasty is using Facebook for all of it’s video marketing. It’s a case in point of choosing one platform and dominating it. Sure, they could create on YouTube and then just share it on Facebook, but Facebook will always favor its own native video
  • The niche. Tasty has dominated a couple niches already: recipes and DIY
  • The gamble. They have taken a significant gamble here by putting a lot of resources into the Tasty video marketing campaigns when one change to Facebook’s algorithm could knock their content from the web. Still, it’s working and who’s to say they can put the content on a new platform at a later time?

Will 2016 Be The Year of Video Marketing?

I know I don’t have to tell you all that this stuff is huge and that video for business is the one thing I know of that could really skyrocket your efforts if you do it right. There’s no question as to whether or not you should be doing video marketing for your business, no matter what industry you’re in. You should be, but why? Check it out:

  1. Video will help you meet your marketing goals. Just having a video on your website can increase your chances of being on the first page of Google 53 times.
  2. Video can move people throughout your sales funnels, top, middle, and bottom.
  3. Video builds credibility like no other digital medium.
  4. Your competitors are using video. In the past, you could churn out a video, it didn’t even have to be good, and it would help you blow past your competition. Now, video is the new sparring floor of marketing.

Wrap Up

I think this round-up expresses that video marketing is pretty much a requirement these days quite well. Stay with me, as I’ll be putting out these round-ups on a monthly basis to keep you informed. Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any. I’d love to hear in the comments how your video marketing campaigns are going. Let us know how video has helped your business!

Free Facebook Content Tools to Help Simplify Your Curated Content

If you use Facebook for everything including content curation, then this post has the free Facebook content tools you need in your life. In recent years, content curation has become a huge part of having an online presence. As if creating your own content weren’t enough, now you have to to disseminate for the masses all the best content you see online to make sure no one misses anything! Content curation has become its own animal, and luckily for us, there are free Facebook tools to help us out.

Content Curation Apps and Free Facebook Content Tools

I’m really excited about this because I’m about to share some really powerful free tools for content organization with you. First, I’m going to list some applications that you can use on both your computer and smartphone to save interesting content. Then I’m going to tie everything together with a great free tool that will send that content to Facebook automatically! So, we are accomplishing two things at once:

  1. Saving the content we love and sharing it with Facebook content tools
  2. Automating the process

Free Content Curation Apps

Pocket – Pocket is a free content organization tool. Once you install it on your smartphone, it will appear under the sharing options when you browse and use your other apps. It also works great as an in-browser application with their Chrome extension or bookmarklet. When you begin saving content to Pocket, you can organize it using tags. Pocket saves the content based on type using these 3 options articles, videos, and images.

Feedly – Feedly gained popularity when Google Reader was discontinued. It works much like Pocket as a content organization tool. However, rather than you add the content you want to save manually, Feedly works a little different. You add the RSS feed of the sites you visit regularly, and it then “feeds” you the content daily starting with the most popular first. You then have the option of saving and sharing the content you enjoy most.

Evernote – You may use Evernote for other things, but it can accomplish content curation quite nicely! It’s already known for it’s content organization skills. Simply create a notebook designed specifically to be a free Facebook content tool, and you’re ready to go. If you’re not familiar with Evernote, it will be added to the sharing menu on your Smartphone. You can use a Chrome extension or their website when using your computer.

All of these applications are free, but have premium account options as well in case you really love them. I’ve also chosen these specific content organization tools because:

  1. They are simple to use
  2. They all integrate with the powerhouse of this post

If This Then That

I’m not being smart, this is the content curation powerhouse (and more) that brings everything together. I’m talking about It stands for “If This Then That”.  Now, this can seem complicated to some people, but it’s a simple concept. Once you create your account, this is the tool that combines the 3 apps I listed above with your Facebook Page automatically.

It takes a little bit of set up, but it’s a one-time thing and then you’re up and running until you tell it to stop. For example, you can set IFTTT up to post to your Facebook Page each time you add a note to a certain notebook in Evernote. You accomplish this though an “if this then that” statement called a recipe. For example, If new note in ______ notebook, then create a link post message on my Facebook Page.

This application does so much more than join the ranks of free Facebook content tools. You can use it to automate your home, your phone, and much, much more. Grab a good guide and really learn the power of it.

Wrap Up

Let me know in the comments about your content curation efforts and what kinds of recipes you are using with IFTTT!


Vick Strizheus’ Data Management Platform Evaluation

Welcome to my data management platform evaluation. One of the big things you realize when you reach a certain level in Internet marketing is that there are more things that can be monetized besides content, products, emails, etc. One of those things is data! This is so huge that we have a course on it at High Traffic Academy called Data Secrets. The thing is, you need a way to manage all of your data, and there are a number of date management tools available to help you accomplish that.

How Data Management Platforms Are Measured

Forrester is a research firm that works with business and technological leaders to drive growth based on customer-based strategies. That’s just fancy talk for helping people better reach their target audience. Forrester publishes a number of reports called Waves and one of them happens to deal with data management platforms. Their detailed report is a costly asset, so I’m going to evaluate the top data management platforms and give you my pick.


Krux ranks high for their independence in the data management platform industry. Based in the cloud, they help companies worldwide deliver better experiences in marketing, media, and commerce. What you get is a deeper understanding of your target audience as a whole and as individuals. It get’s quite complicated since Krux’s capabilities depend on its 6 pillars:

  • Completeness – 100% of the people data from all sources
  • Governance – Security of your data
  • Learning – Learned responses to evolving needs
  • Synthesis – Data converted into digestible insights
  • Identity – Recognition of people across multiple platforms
  • Actionablity – Converting data into dollars

Krux is a great choice for data management whether you are a publisher, marketer, or agency. Some recognizable names you may know among their clientele are Kellogg’s, AARP, and the BBC.


Neustar brings real-time information on services and analytics. It is also based in the cloud. They are a little less technical in their terminology and what they do than Krux which can be quite refreshing when you are new to data management. They prize themselves on their real-time emphasis to help you to better understand your audience right now. Their service are targeted toward:

  1. Marketers – providing customer insights and data onboarding
  2. Information Technology/Security – Fraud detection and DDoS protection
  3. Data – Communication analytics and Internet compliance

Formerly a division of Lockheed Martin, they were divested and renamed Neustar in 1999. Some companies who utilize Neustar’s data management platform and more are Forbes, lenovo, and ticketmaster.

Vick’s Pick: Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Audience Manager is my absolute favorite for data management. It is, by far, the most simply platform to use and gives you more control over the profiles and segments that you create. Using Adobe Audience Manger, I realized for the first time what a valuable asset data was to my business. It allows me to  sort my audience into many diverse profiles and then service each profile effective advertising based on their interactions with my content channels. Forrester chose them as one of two best options for data management platforms, so I feel even more confident offering them as Vick’s Pick as well. So who’s using Adobe Audience Manager? Oh, just Conde Nast and Time Warner Cable.

Wrap Up

Data management was something that I didn’t even consider early on in my Internet marketing days. It really is an advanced Internet marketing strategy. A lot of marketers advise you to know your target audience, but you won’t find very many of them teaching data management as a business asset and monetization method. I want to teach you to understand your audience better. That way, you can offer more effective advertising and get the maximum benefit from your data.

How are you using data in your business? Let me hear from you in the comments!


Facebook Releases ‘Topics to Watch’ Insights Feature

Facebook Topics to Watch is a new Facebook Insights feature that is designed to highlight 6 topics each month that have seen an overall increase in conversation on Facebook over the last year. In addition, the social media new feature will also show who is talking about a topic and what else they’re talking about at the same time. I’ve got to say, that could get interesting from both a personal and business standpoint. Will it help us find the next big thing to talk about?

The Topics to Watch According to Facebook

Check out this closer look at the topics for March that Facebook released as examples. Facebook Topics to Watch will be a monthly report. The topics seem a little out there, but apparently that’s the whole point. Facebook is seeking to diversify the topics being discussed on its platform by finding the trending topics and including them in Facebook Insights so we can all join the conversation.

The example report is concise and easy to read in an infographic type format. The topics are presented straightforwardly along with the following other Facebook analytics:

  • Associated topics
  • Conversation volume
  • Who’s driving the conversation

So far, the who’s who is gender-based, but I expect that will soon be changing to something a little more insightful. This is definitely a Facebook new feature that I plan to keep an eye on.

Will Facebook Topics to Watch Keep Us Ahead of Big Trends?

It remains to be seen since Facebook Topics to Watch is so new, but it very well could give us an insight into which topics will become trends next. That is huge for marketers because it allows us to take advantage of the buzz as it is building and arriving, not when it’s half way gone. Think how powerful it would be if you could discuss all of the trending topics just as they were gaining momentum in the marketplace.

Still, it remains to be seen how useful the report will be since the first set of topics are a things like Buddha’s Hand, Cortado, and Kalamkari. These are all new terms for me. Who knew Buddha’s Hand was an exotic fruit? However, for niche marketers, it could prove to bery lucrative from time to time. Kalamkari? Why they are hand painted or block printed textiles of course, and just in case you were wondering, a Cortado is an espresso drink of some sort. Whatever the case, Facebook is saying the report is 80% accurate so far.

How to Access Facebook Topics to Watch

For now, the infographic turned report turned latest hot social media new feature is a part of Facebook IQ. You should be able to readily access the trending topics and more from If you haven’t already, you may want to consider signing up with your email to receive regular updates from Facebook IQ. You can never go wrong in your business by knowing the latest Facebook news. You may even find some other Facebook Insights you’d like to stay on top of.

Wrap Up

I think this latest trending topics offering from Facebook is quite interesting. Even though with this first example, most of the topics seem a big useless and off the wall, I expect to see some really hot topics coming down the line. Surely if Kalamkari can be a trending topic, so can a few aspects of Internet marketing! That’s what I’m looking for with this Facebook new feature.

How would you be able to use something like this in your business? What topics would you like to see come out of the woodwork? Did you find other features in Facebook Insights or Facebook IQ that are useful? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!