Search Engine Optimization Round-Up: April 2016 Edition

Search Engine Optimization is a must if you want to pull in any traffic from the search engines. Did you know that organic search could be driving as much as 50% if your traffic? That’s pretty hard to ignore, right? Subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss my round-up’s to help keep you informed. Let’s round it up!

SEO Spending Is Neck and Neck With Advertising

Borrell Associates, a research company, says that spending for “marketing services” is even bigger than advertising. That is huge since advertising has driven content since, well, we had nothing but newspapers. So the forecast is that by the year 2020, search engine optimization will be an $80 billion industry. This means one of two things for you:

  1. You need to become a player in the SEO industry
  2. You need to improve on optimizing your website

Google Blocking Sites With Deceptive Download and Install Buttons

Sometimes SEO is more than keywords and back links. Just as Google has done with past penalties for mobile sites or spammy links, they are now blocking sites with shady buttons that are actually links instead of actual functions. Can I get a hallelujah? As much time as is spent optimizing your website for search, it would surely be a shame to ruin it all with spammy buttons and advertisements.

Ask yourself, “Is this really the optimal thing for my users? Does it help them solve a problem or answer a question?”

If the answer is no, then part of your search engine optimization plan should be to get rid of it before Google issues a penalty to you because of it.

 Mobilegeddon 2.0

If you remember last year, Google released an algorithm update that boosted the search engine ranking of website that were optimized for mobile. There’s an update coming and now they are notifying website owners in the search results when their site isn’t mobile-friendly. This is a huge piece of SEO news and one that is easy to fix, especially if you’re running WordPress. There are several plugins that will convert your site to mobile in a matter of seconds and allow you to avoid this penalty altogether. Even if your mobile site looks a bit rough, it still solves the problem while you find a better way of optimizing your website.

Is Your Homepage Optimized?

Wait, should you even optimize your homepage? Wouldn’t that cause redundancy in other areas of your website? That depends on how you go about it. Optimize your homepage for broader brand searches rather than specific keywords. There are other ways to execute proper search engine optimization of your homepage. Here are 5 of them:

  1. A carefully written title tag. You’ve got about 55 characters including spaces to compose an accurate title for your entire website.
  2. Write a description. Here, you have 150-160 characters to describe your website.
  3. Create a user-friendly menu. Make sure your website’s navigation is flawless.
  4. Have at least 300 words of copy on your homepage to help your users know what they can do from your homepage in regard to your website.
  5. Include your social links. Make sure your social media links are prominent so users can find you elsewhere.

Action Steps That Will Set Your SEO On Fire

I can’t tell you if you should pay for search engine optmiization or SEO tools or not. However, I can tell you that you can jump ahead of the game with a few simple steps:

  1. Use WordPress. I don’t recommend anything else.
  2. Optimize your homepage as outlined above.
  3. Use an SEO plugin like All In One SEO Pack or Yoast SEO.
  4. Fill out all of the snippet fields for every post and page.
  5. Use your focus keyword in your copy.
  6. Produce regular new content.

Round-Up Wrap Up

It can be challenging to stay ahead of all of the SEO trends and news. A general rule of thumb is to build and design your website for people, not for search engines. Search engine optimization can be as difficult or easy as you make it. Be sure and subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss my future round-ups!