Steller Enables Facebook Instant Articles for Brands

Are you telling your story on Steller? Sometimes the only way to new great features is through an entirely different network, and that’s what is going on with Steller and Facebook Instant Articles. Facebook has given Steller users  access to the Facebook Instant Articles platform. Steller is really a unique application that centers around the idea of stories. If you recall, back when Facebook replaced the concept of the Wall with the Timeline in 2011 to early 2012, it included an emphasis on users telling their own stories. It makes sense that these two would unite in some way.

What’s What?

Both of these are pretty new services that you may not have heard of yet, so let’s find out more about them.

  • StellerSteller launched in early 2014 as a app for iPhone designed to allow users to create stories seamlessly with videos, images, and text. These stories are viewable via the app and also on the web, but the creation process is exclusive to the app only and still only available for iOS.
  • Facebook Instant Articles – While Facebook is probably insanely familiar to you, Facebook Instant Articles might have you scratching your head. Facebook Instant Articles is simply a platform that allows you to publish content from your blog or CRM instantly to Facebook using HTML, RSS, or a WordPress plugin.


Facebook Instant Articles for Brands

Media companies like BuzzFeed and the New York Times have been able to corner the Facebook Instant Articles market since it’s launch last May.That will change on April 12, 2016 when Facebook opens the platform up to all publishers. Brands seeking to get an early start can gain an entry point with Steller.

One of the huge draws for Facebook Instant Articles is load times. It’s called “instant” for a very specific reason. Content like Steller benefits greatly from these fast load times. The idea is that people spend less time waiting for the content to load and that increases the chance that they will spend more time interacting with the content. In business and brands, that’s significant.

Another huge feature of Facebook Instant Articles is that publishers are able to create widgets such as an email sign up form. To capitalize on this feature, Steller is developing a couple of interactive widgets with a high value for Internet marketers: Call Now and Reserve Now buttons.

It is important to note that even with Facebook Instant Articles, they still limit the organic reach for brands. In order to have a measureable impact, it will most likely be necessary to create some Facebook ad campaigns to get your content in front of users. You will need to understand that you are making an investment in the content you create and share using this platform whether you involve Steller in the process or not.

Wrap Up

Even with the ability for everyone to publish to Facebook Instant Articles looming, it could still be beneficial to tell your stories through Steller so you can take advantage of their custom widgets and other features. A disappointing downside is that there is no news of an Android release of the app, so both the user base and audience of the service are limited. There is significant evidence that Android is worth the trouble.

If your business is one that depends heavily on content, I recommend checking into Facebook Instant Articles.  I’d love to know in the comments if it’s something you are focusing on in the next couple of months. I anticipate that the initial tests are going to have phenomenal results. As I’ve said many times before, Facebook is the number 2 source of traffic on the web after Google. Take advantage of that whenever you have an opportunity.