Twitter Campaign Management Gets New Addition With Ad Groups

Twitter launched their ads editor last year to help advertisers with their Twitter campaign management. The editor allowed users to create and manage multiple Twitter ads at once. They have now expanded the editor by adding ad groups where users can split up their audience and message them separately. This is something we’ve been doing with our email lists as well, so it’s a great concept.

How Do Twitter Ad Groups Work

Basically, Twitter ad groups add another level in the hierarchy of the ad editor. Advertisers are then able to measure the success of their Twitter campaigns using more criteria. This allows them to assess which Twitter ads work the best and which ones need tweaking. Ultimately, the new Twitter ad groups help cut down on the time spent on Twitter campaign management.

Simplify Your Twitter Campaigns with Twitter Ad Groups

The main focus of the ad editor is ultimately to simplify things for advertisers. This new tool carries this another step by giving advertisers the ability to categorize their ads and audiences to further diversify their Twitter campaigns. So when an advertiser has multiple Twitter campaigns running, they can view and edit them sorted by ad groups.

Both the Twitter ad editor and the new ad groups allow for an insane number of variables, so you can test and tweak as little or as much as you like. Inside the Twitter ad editor dashboard, the new ad groups are specified by a blue badge. When you click it, you can then view the performance of your Twitter ads by ad group.

The feature is obviously designed for brands who run a lot of Twitter campaigns, but ease of use means smaller users could give it a try to help with their Twitter campaign management as well. This is an interesting offering coming from Twitter when you consider all of the negative Twitter news over the last couple of years. The company really has a tough time with funding and getting the public to see the utilitarian value in the platform. I hope to see Twitter stick around for a long time to come.

It seems their downfall has always been because of where they fall in the scheme of things as a social network. They often suffer in comparison to giant, Facebook, and that’s not really fair given their smaller stature on all fronts. They have proven that they are here to stay and innovate and offerings like the ad editor and now Twitter ad groups confirm that notion.

A Better Enhancement To A Still-New Twitter Ad Management Tool

The Twitter ad editor hasn’t even been out a year. It launched just last August 2015. For an update to come out so soon is phenomenal to those using the platform. Ad groups really is a great enhancement because while it targets larger brands, it’s also viable for the little guys. The biggest take-away though is definitely the ease of use and the ability to really zero in on the performance of your Twitter campaigns.

Diversify Your Pay-Per-Click Portfolio

You know if you want to get anything done online quickly, PPC is the way to boost your efforts. The new Twitter ad groups can help you diversity your PPC experience. I like social media PPC because it’s easy to make it effective and it’s cheap.

Just imagine being able to laser focus your Twitter campaigns toward ad groups sorted by:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Device
  • Language
  • Interests
  • Keywords

That is just to name a few! Then you are also able to measure the results with improved Twitter ads tools as well. You just can’t beat it.

Wrap Up

I’d love to hear how your Twitter campaigns are doing. Do you think that Twitter can benefit businesses, brands, and consumers alike? I feel there is so much value in sending those little 140-character text messages to the world. After all, the Library of Congress feels they are important as well.