Vick Strizheus’ Data Management Platform Evaluation

Welcome to my data management platform evaluation. One of the big things you realize when you reach a certain level in Internet marketing is that there are more things that can be monetized besides content, products, emails, etc. One of those things is data! This is so huge that we have a course on it at High Traffic Academy called Data Secrets. The thing is, you need a way to manage all of your data, and there are a number of date management tools available to help you accomplish that.

How Data Management Platforms Are Measured

Forrester is a research firm that works with business and technological leaders to drive growth based on customer-based strategies. That’s just fancy talk for helping people better reach their target audience. Forrester publishes a number of reports called Waves and one of them happens to deal with data management platforms. Their detailed report is a costly asset, so I’m going to evaluate the top data management platforms and give you my pick.


Krux ranks high for their independence in the data management platform industry. Based in the cloud, they help companies worldwide deliver better experiences in marketing, media, and commerce. What you get is a deeper understanding of your target audience as a whole and as individuals. It get’s quite complicated since Krux’s capabilities depend on its 6 pillars:

  • Completeness – 100% of the people data from all sources
  • Governance – Security of your data
  • Learning – Learned responses to evolving needs
  • Synthesis – Data converted into digestible insights
  • Identity – Recognition of people across multiple platforms
  • Actionablity – Converting data into dollars

Krux is a great choice for data management whether you are a publisher, marketer, or agency. Some recognizable names you may know among their clientele are Kellogg’s, AARP, and the BBC.


Neustar brings real-time information on services and analytics. It is also based in the cloud. They are a little less technical in their terminology and what they do than Krux which can be quite refreshing when you are new to data management. They prize themselves on their real-time emphasis to help you to better understand your audience right now. Their service are targeted toward:

  1. Marketers – providing customer insights and data onboarding
  2. Information Technology/Security – Fraud detection and DDoS protection
  3. Data – Communication analytics and Internet compliance

Formerly a division of Lockheed Martin, they were divested and renamed Neustar in 1999. Some companies who utilize Neustar’s data management platform and more are Forbes, lenovo, and ticketmaster.

Vick’s Pick: Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Audience Manager is my absolute favorite for data management. It is, by far, the most simply platform to use and gives you more control over the profiles and segments that you create. Using Adobe Audience Manger, I realized for the first time what a valuable asset data was to my business. It allows me to  sort my audience into many diverse profiles and then service each profile effective advertising based on their interactions with my content channels. Forrester chose them as one of two best options for data management platforms, so I feel even more confident offering them as Vick’s Pick as well. So who’s using Adobe Audience Manager? Oh, just Conde Nast and Time Warner Cable.

Wrap Up

Data management was something that I didn’t even consider early on in my Internet marketing days. It really is an advanced Internet marketing strategy. A lot of marketers advise you to know your target audience, but you won’t find very many of them teaching data management as a business asset and monetization method. I want to teach you to understand your audience better. That way, you can offer more effective advertising and get the maximum benefit from your data.

How are you using data in your business? Let me hear from you in the comments!